The Fletcher Club of New York (FCNY) is the official organization for all alumni from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy who are living in New York City or the tri-state area. 

Currently, there are over 800 “Fletcherites” living in the tri-state area and our goal is to provide informative panel events on current topics of interest, social gatherings for alumni to become better acquainted, and networking opportunities to support continued professional development. Members include recipients of all degrees granted by the Fletcher School, and we invite all alumni to attend meetings, take part in Club activities, and vote for Board members of the FCNY.

What we do
We seek to maintain and to enhance a highly engaged, vibrant community of alumni and friends as well as to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between The Fletcher School and its alumni. The FCNY helps alumni connect with Fletcher and with fellow graduates through a wealth of club activities and alumni events.  The club also supports currently enrolled Fletcher students with an annual scholarship for a summer internship in New York that is presented each year.

Who we are
FCNY activities are planned and carried out by an elected Executive Board that includes a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. In addition, the Board has a Membership Chair, a Communications Manager, a Social Chair, along with Members-at Large.  We invite all alumni to participate in the planning and execution of our activities; your input is crucial to the success and outreach of the club. Please consider joining in our Board meetings or contacting us regarding topics of interest, venues and any additional ideas. You can reach us at FletcherClub.NYC@gmail.com

FCNY Board 2016-2017

Munish Puri, President
Claudio Guler, Vice President
Shazia Rafi, Treasurer
Laura Stankiewicz, Communications
Jenya Shandina, Social
Bart Smit Duijzentkunst, Social
Atanas Grozdev, Membership
Amy Tan, General
Meghan Healy Luecke, General
Matt Hoisington, Ex Officio




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