FCNY Listserv – How to be included (or removed)

FletcherNYC.org and our Facebook page are only two ways to find out more about Fletcher alumni in the New York City area. You can also join our listserv, which is used to communicate events and other club news. While similar information will often be included on the website or Facebook, the listserv is the best way to stay connected.

Here are some listserv basics form the Office of Development and Alumni Relations:

  • Each club listserv is managed by the Office of Development and Alumni Relations (ODAR) and is based on alumni information from our database. Alumni with a work or home address in or surrounding a specific location, will be included in that city/states listserv.
  • The best way for an alum to be included on a club listserv is to update your contact information with ODAR at fletcheralum@tufts.edu
  • If an alum would like to be removed entirely from a listserv regardless of their address, they can email the ODAR office at fletcheralum@tufts.edu.

Please also pass the information along if you know any alumni in the city who are not receiving our messages!


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